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The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), Puthimari College, was established on January 03, 2005 in order to ensure quality education in the institution. Since quality enhancement is a continuous process of any institution, the IQAC is expected to be a part of the sysytem and work of the college towards the realisation of the goals of quality enhancement and sustenance. To develop a system for a conscious, consistent and catalyctic improvement in the overall performance of the institution is the first and foremost concern of the cell. With a view to developing a sense of belongingness and participation among all concerned, the IQAC will work to take up the first step to internalize and institutionalize the quality enhancement initiatives. Thus the cell is expected to make the institution fit to survive with glory in the world of education, ringed with cut- throat competition.

Chairman Principal
Coordinator Phuleswar Deka (English Department)
Assistant Co-ordinator Lakshmidhar Talukdar(Dept. of Economics)
Vice Principal Rajib Das(Dept. of English)
  1. Pratap Barman(Dept. of Education)
  2. Dr. Sirajuddin Ahmed(Dept. of Geography)
Members(Stack Holder)

The college authority has established a Grievances & Redressal Cell in order to receive complaints from the students, gurdians and stake holders. The complaint received are meted out by the competent cell as per the existing norms.

Students can avail themselves of the facility of Information and Carreer Guidence cell of the College. They can have proper counsilling from the cell headed by a professor of the college.

There is an Extension Education Centre in the college for launching extension works. The works are meant to substantiate the true values of education in practical lives of the students to learn by doing. The objective of the centre is also meant to establish social link to the college as well as to uplift the society. This year the centre is going to adopt Azara village from June, 2016 onwards. For this work the Extension Education Centre of the college has no financial source except a amount that to be realeased from the college fund.

The Women's Cell of the college addresses the problematic issues related to woman and it aims at development,uplift and enlightenment of the female community of the greater region. The cell has already organised talks and interactive session on woman empowerment, woman and law, Domestic Violence Act etc.and performed a street play with the students to create awareness to this effect. The cell observes International Woman's Day every year on 8th March.

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