Puthimari College




One of the most distinctive features of the college is that it is a rural based college. Another important feature is that out of total no of student 70% are girls’ students. So, the college much to strive to cater to the needs of the community program have been assigned to meet this requirement. The college is surrounded by several Satras which practice Sattriya in these Vaishnavite Satras. The college has set up a department of Performing Arts in which Satriya Dance is practiced and taught. The department has received the permission from Gauhati University. The surrounding schools have got NCC A certificate service in many of the schools. The students passing out from those schools and taking admission into our college generally require the training of NCC. The college has introduced NCC B and C certificate course in the college. The stunts admitted in NCC have been able to hold position within the organization. The passing out students from the college badly in need of employment in the wake of lack of government job and being rural area without industrialization. The College has arranged a training program on entrepreneurial development to infuse the idea of of entrepreneurship not only among the present students but also to the passing out students. One of such endeavor is the setting up f mushroom development centre inside and outside the campus in collaboration with the passing out students. The college has been providing important academic support to such endeavor. Some of the communities in the greater area has engaged themselves in pottery making as their livelihood. The college has arranged training and workshop for pottery making. The college has also invited expert from Gauhati University to provide them strong academic basis. Looking into the health of the people of the community people the college has arranged the Blood Donation Camp from the students. The fact reveals that out of the intending 76 students to offer blood only 40 only 16 students could offer blood. Others could not provide due to medical unfitness. The college has started Yoga certificate course in the college. The college has also started a centre for gymnasium training. To make the students aware of the cleanliness a committee has been constituted for campus cleaning. Several dustbins have been set up in and outside for collection of waste. Dust bins have been donated by generous donator at the behest of the alumni of the college. The college has adopted a village in nearby area. Several programs have been conducted in this village in times of distress. Looking at the pollution and increasing bike accident particularly among the youth a Transport Management Committee has been constituted to see the documentation and use of helmet among two wheelers rider. An Electoral Literary committee has been constituted to create awareness among the first time voters and to facilitate to vote as per norms. Thus the college has been striving to meet the distinctive features and to cater to the needs of the community.

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